Professional Services

Business who are seizing the opportunity to explore new possibilities and make strategic investments for growth play into VUCON Solutions Inc.,’ vision of a sustainable environment.  VUCON Solutions Inc., Services offers a comprehensive, world-leading portfolio of assessment, infrastructure and systems integration services designed to help clients leverage dramatic new improvements in technology.

VUCON Solutions Inc., Professional Services helps to reduce the costs and risks associated with large-scale projects. Our consultants are highly skilled in assessing and analyzing existing IT infrastructures. To achieve the most out of your existing systems and networks, we can identify both the risks and opportunities available, recommending an array of approaches and solutions to maximize your budget and IT potential.

Professional Services

VUCON Solutions Inc.,’s Consultancy Practice has an excellent pool of consultants who possess a wide range of skills in all IT infrastructure technologies, which helps reduce the costs and risks associated with large-scale projects. Our consultants’ in depth knowledge has been accumulated from both the assessment and analysis of existing infrastructures and in the subsequent design and delivery of numerous and complex projects for our clients. We can identify risks and opportunities, recommending an array of approaches and solutions. All of VUCON Solutions Inc.,’s consultants are accredited to the highest level and practical experience in their field.

From designing, installing and connecting all equipment and software through to final deployment, VUCON Solutions Inc., will ensure everything is set for you to begin on time and on budget. And whilst we are absolute experts with our main suppliers’ products, we offer across-the-board skills with the more common systems – which is particularly important where legacy equipment is an issue.

VUCON Solutions Inc.’s consultancy team can help build new systems, storage or networks, and even redesign an existing one. Furthermore, our senior consultants can define the optimal ‘peace of mind’ solution that is both secured and assured. We will work collaboratively with our clients’ engineering and operations team to understand your organizations’ systems and requirements. In this way, we can highlight the latest solutions and technologies that apply to your specific infrastructure, recommending industry best practices and assist in creating specific software configurations that support an infrastructure that is flexible, scalable, reliable and secure.



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